My Farming

‘My farming’ is a concept for enriching the farmer’s living standard even with small land holding and limited resources. It is a system of adopting farming as a way of life and not just as a means of livelihood.

Resource less person: A way of farming in which utilization of least amount of resources and energy is possible to produce highest amount of product from the farm. Through this method, even marginal farmers can satisfy the basic demand of their family and even earn some extra revenues out of it and can live a prosperous life.

Recycling of water/waste: Water is the medium that facilitates all the basic chemical and biological processes in all life forms.  In this method of farming water used in bathing, washing and cleaning is utilized for irrigation in the garden. Kitchen waste and other biodegradable wastes act as manure. It works on the principle of giving back all you don’t need to the soil.

Eco-friendly: All the cultural practices in the farm should be in symbiotic relationship with environment. If we follows nature’s rule and plan our farming according to that, then there are great chances of healthy crop and higher production. The concept behind this is there should be minimum external damage/harm to the ecosystem. There is a network of all the living organisms and the balance has to be maintained.

Food for All: Our farming approach should not be supplier driven and profit oriented rather it should be for the welfare of all living organisms. Adequate supply of food should be arranged for Mother Earth, Animals, microbes and all.Then we should complete the requirements for self and family, neighbor and Village while selecting our targets.

Proper utilization of Biomass, water and energy: In My farming technique resources available at my farm should be utilized properly like water, Biomass and energy (sunlight). If farm resources are managed and utilized properly then farmers will be less dependent on the outside resources for growing crops. There should be minimum input from outside the farm.

Dependence on Primarya Productivity: It is defined as the production which is obtained by harvesting all the basic components such as water, soil and sunlight only. While, Secondary Productivityis the production obtained by use of other secondary products such as chemicals, earthworms, algae, etc. The major focus has to be the primary productivity of the crop and no use of artificial fertilizers and seeds.

No Violence (Physical, Emotional, mental etc.):No one should get any harm due to my farming directly or indirectly. The philosophy of Natueco farming suggests no violence in the form of mechanized machines and gadgets in farming. Harmony with the fellow farmers, villagers and neighbors creates a healthy environment among the people to motivate and help each other whenever required. It is suggested that even our thoughts, emotions and energy gets transferred to the trees and plants when we do farming.

Five ‘L’ Concept (Living, Learning, livelihood, love, Laugh): A balanced farm should have a combination of these 5 ‘L’. It generates best possible way for a person to live where love, laugh can fill his life with joy and happiness, livelihood of the family can be satisfied properly. It also provides a learning opportunity for betterment in the future. And all these factors lead to a happy and prosperous life.

Food Mile and Food Print: The amount of field needed to grow the required amount of things for an ordinary human being of any certain village or area to live, is called the ecological foot print of that person.

Whatever we eat, is normally produced in some other place-other than where we live. The distance between us and that place is defined as food mile.

Food Mile and Food Print should be as low as possible. Living with less demands and with indigenous resources can reduce these two factors.

The ultimate aim of our life should be to “Know Who am I”